We asked our Chair, Nick Child, what motivated him to become a Trustee for the Child Growth Foundation.

The way I became involved as a trustee of the Child Growth Foundation (CGF) is probably quite typical. I had a young daughter who had many medical issues and was diagnosed with a rare growth condition at 14 months old. The CGF were very supportive and the first real physical contact I had was at the CGF annual convention I attended. The convention built some relationships and when the trustee for Silver Russell Syndrome had to stand down to relocate to Australia, I was keen to take her place. I knew that I had some skills that could be useful to the CGF, this included meeting management which is required of a group coordinator at the convention.

I have been fortunate that other skills that I have learnt, in my normal employment, have been applicable and of use to the CGF. These include team building, change management and business planning.

Our Trustees fundraising.

Working with the foundation is challenging, rewarding and fun. Challenging as we have to interact at a high level with growth professionals, pharmaceutical companies and other organisations to raise the profile of the CGF and what we are looking to achieve. Rewards come in many ways including the kind and supportive words we receive from members, achieving funding from sponsors and fund raisers, and outputs from important research projects. The various meetings we have including trustees’ meetings, conferences and exhibitions, and of course the convention have a fun element.

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